The Seoul Design Festival which started in 2002, is a design-oriented annual exhibition organized by Design House, media contents group in Korea. It aims to be a platform for designers, supporting them to build a career in Korea and the global design industry. [Young Designer Promotion] is the main section of the Seoul Design Festival. It aims to promote young talented designers under 35 and this year’s Young Designer Promotion will be held with a partner: design platform SHAPL.

For selected designers of the Young Designer Promotion, Seoul Design Festival and SHAPL will support their participation fee, product production process and associated costs. We believe this is going to be the place for young designers to jump start their careers. We look forward to meeting you at the Young Designer Promotion on the 18th Seoul Design Festival.

Participation Guide


Young Designer Promotion


Freelancer Designer
College or Graduate student
Designers who look for self-branded design business opportunities
Designers or design start-ups that are expected to launch their new products/ struggling with product manufacturing
Condition: less than 5 years of start-ups

Booth Type

Shell Scheme

Applicant Benefit

Admission is free.
Special booth price for selected applicants (1.5 million won/VAT excluded)
Shell Scheme includes basic wooden walls, pytex flooring, spot lights and a socket outlet.
Media promotion support with monthly Design
Among 60 participants, 10 selected designers will be given 15 million won for their product production process (development, prototyping, mass production, video contents production)


1. Application deadline: 30th of August
2. Announcement Date: TBC
3. Participation fee deadline: 22nd of September
4. Orientation and profile photo shooting: 15th of October
5. Seoul Design Festival: 4th – 8th December


Online application only